cetobeto.com review

cetobeto.com is a brand new Bitcoin Faucet in Pokemon-Style


Note: you have to register there.

(please don’t register with your social media credentials and use a dump password the site is not SSL encrypted. read my SSL blogpost)

The concept is a Bitcoin Generator – that means you can close your browser and the faucet collects 240 Satoshis per hour – you also can enable “Pika” who generates 2 Satohis per minute
until the Beto Capacity of: 320 Satoshi is reached. This is the default setup. (You can upgrade for faster generating and/or a bigger capacity).

If the capacity is reached you should visit the site again and claim to transfer your generated Satoshis to your account Balance so new Satoshis can be generated.


  • daily gift
  • collect balls – for account upgrade
  • feed beto and make an attack to get extra 900 satohis
  • Fishing Times
  • Jessie and James
  • sometimes a clickable giftboxes in the picture after you click the collect button appears.



The payout can do with a minimum of 100 Satoshis (2% fee) over Faucetbox.com or direct to your Bitcoinwallet if you have at least 25,000 Satoshis (10,000 fee).

Payment proof



+ absolutely nice and unique design.
+ good satoshi earning rate.
+ connection speed is very good from Germany.
+ no annoying advertisements.
– no SSL connection (but you have to register)

In total: 4/5 good


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