This review is not about an faucet its about an surfbar with really good earning rate.

Earning Bitcoin without solving  captcha’s or something else ? Yes at you earn Bitcoin for doing nothing 🙂 – the only thing is to open your favorit browser and let the magic happen.

You can withdrawal your earnings to your  Xapo account or to your normal Bitcoinaddress.

OK how will it work ?

First of all you need to register at the Website.

After your successfull login you will see the following screen.

Now all you have to do is to click on the “Surfbar” link in the navigation.

On the start you will see some browser checks – if you enable some things like java and so on your revenue is even higher than without.

The deposit of the surfpoints to your account and the follow exchange into Bitcoins are not realtime.
(You can read more about this on the FAQ Page.)


  • Use Firefox (for me it works better than chrome)
  • If you have an Rasperry PI or an option to use a always online VM (VirtualMachine) its pretty awesome 🙂
  • Check the FAQ Page for an starter programm if your surfbar stops working.

Here a picture with my earning and withdrawal.


So why you are waiting – just try it and earn your Bitcoins 🙂

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