UPDATE: 09/28/2016 is closing closing is a Dogecoin Faucet started 07/28/2016

The first absolutely positive thing is that the website is served with a encrypted SSL connection.

That is pretty good because you have to register there but there is no need to enter a password. Only enter your Dogecoin Wallet Address and your eMail.

After your sucessfully registration you can login by entering with your eMail or Dogecoin Wallet Address – i think eMail is easier to remember 🙂

The second positive thing is the clear design without any annoying advertisement and the connection speed is very good.

Reward and Cooldown

The reward is variable but I cant’ find a documentation how it is defined. As you can see in the following picture it depents between ~1.6 and ~2.9 Dogecoin. has a 10 minutes cooldown timer after each claim.

So I think for solving a easy Google reCaptcha and a 10 minutes cooldown the reward is pretty good!


The minimum Payout at are 300 Dogecoin.

I have tested the Instant Cash Out method – and here is the payment proof:


Note: I have tried

with my mobile device (samsung galaxy) and the design looks good but after the claim I cant see the claimed reward I have to check it in the history.

Update 09/20/2016: the issue is fixed – now you see the claimed reward with your mobile device


+ SSL connection.
+ very good connection speed.
+ clean design.
+ good Dogecoin earning rate.
+ no annoying advertisement.


In total 5/5 very good


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