Faucethub.io BETA test starts soon

Faucethub.io Beta test starts soon

The new microwallet-payment processor faucethub.io starts the BETA test in a few hours.

I have prepared the most things – just the instructions how to  connect the faucet to faucethub.io  are outstanding.

As far as I know at the moment is that you need to register at faucethub.io bevor you can claim but there should pop-up a message-window the first time – after registration you are able to claim on all faucets they are connected to faucethub.io. Btw. thats a good point for you and for me as owner to prevent bots and double accounts also than even more real user even higher can be the reward ;-).

In the BETA all coins are FAKE  (your account will not be temp [as far as I know] just your fake-balance will adjusted to zero after end of the BETA-phase)

So in the BETA please visit sometimes our BETA-Faucet also register at faucethub.io and try to find out a BUG or an error and report it here as an Comment or directly on bitcointalk thread or at faucehub.io instead.

When our BETA-Faucet is ready for BETA-testing I will also post a short note in our Facebookpage

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