Information about our faucets and end their microwallet service in near future

As you have noticed the above mentioned websites stops the microwallet service.

Concerning this I have to worry about our 5 to connected faucets.
(Also with the sister faucets and

The first consequence was to close the unpopular faucets yesterday
Litecoin, Dash and today Peercoin.

The second consequence is to let the DOGE faucet go dry before I disable it.
(Current Balance 194823.67960839 so this may works a few days left)
We will return with a new DOGE faucet when the new service provider suppports this because I know the DOGE faucet is very popular.

The last consequence is to switch with the Bitcoin faucet to the new service provider.

For the sister faucet this means if the next Jackpot is won I will disable the faucet.

For the sister faucet this means we will switch to XAPO-only on 11/12/2016 so all with a registered BTC-Address (not xapo-email) should withdrawal their amount ASAP.

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    1. At this point, I would like to thank you Admin for all the wonderful time, all your faucetbox faucets were terrific especially the doge, just inform me of any new project and I will not hesitate to join, more power and God bless.

  1. That is really sad news and will probably represent the final point for many faucets out there.

    However not everything is lost. Faucetbox adapted their script to be able to accept API from epay and paytoshi. So one just needs to create an account with these providers and change the provider in the admin space. Epay supports btc, doge, ltc and soon dash

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