Sorry for the long downtime

I apologize the long 8hours downtime

but the worstest things happen if you are at work and can’t access the nessesary utilities to fix it – murphys law. But anyway now it should all work again (DNS Propagation isnt sill complete so be patient until tomorrow if you have connection problems).

I will tell you in short why i moved to a new server and a new location also.

The main reason is I needed a bigger one for some projects that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency – more with personal privacy i.ex connect my home via site2site vpn to the server and so on.

The location changed to Germany because it is near to me so the latency is pretty good 😉

If you would like to know the current setup:

Intel XEON E3-1230 v5 CPU
VMware ESXi 6

Webhosting Virtual Machine:
3x external IP
Debian Jessie
Liveconfig Standard Edition

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